Indigenous Inclusion

Build a strong future together. Explore understands that every Indigenous Nation/Community is unique. We invest time in understanding what the values are for building long-term partnerships. Partnerships rooted in respect of cultural traditions, economies, beliefs, knowledge and Indigenous Peoples as Rightsholders.
Cultivating a rich, diverse and inclusive culture is and will continue to be a companywide Explore commitment. Our vision is to create a full circle impact for the people and communities in which we operate. As a dedicated partner on numerous development projects throughout traditional Indigenous territories, we have reinvested back into their communities through employment, infrastructure and new business opportunities. We make it our priority to invest the time and effort required to build trust with Indigenous Peoples and their communities.

Creating an inclusive culture

  • Indigneous Relations Strategy

Our key focus areas are:

  • Mutually Beneficial Business Opportunities
  • Indigenous Workforce Training Support
  • Education and Awareness for Staff & Contractors

We are working to be a Partner of Choice for Indigenous Nations and Communities. 

  • Proven Indigenous Partnerships

Explore's Indigenous Partnerships have realized 15% - 38% revenue return to Nations/Communities.
  • Guided By:


Building relationships

  • Investment

Our most valuable investment into Indigenous communities is time. We take the time to train local hires with the intention to bring them on as full time staff. We take the time to communicate effectively and transparently, and always listen carefully to make sure no voice goes unheard.
Whether it’s providing industry training, or participating in community events, Explore wants to be there every step of the way.

  • Involvement

We strive to leave a positive impact in the communities in which we work with, and it is very important to us that our clients have all of the information to form and shape their decision-making process. We encourage all parties to engage and participate at any level, on any project. Every community’s wants and needs are unique, and we strive to collaborate effectively to exceed expectations.
  • Value

The value we bring is more than just the completion of a project. At Explore we want to have a positive impact on every community we engage with.


Contributing to Reconciliation

  • Opportunity

Leveraging Explore’s core service offerings, technical knowledge, and proven project collaboration and delivery with Nation/Community owned businesses, to support, advance and amplify Indigenous economic inclusion and participation.
  • Truth and Reconciliation

Explore’s Leadership Team has been conducive in educating and providing guidance to staff on the importance of rebuilding Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples. As outlined in the mandate for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, our team of professionals recognize that reconciliation is an ongoing individual and collective process that requires commitment from all Canadians. We strive to reconcile through building business relationships with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Communities in the areas in which we operate, as well as offer training, mentorship, and employment opportunities for those who identify as Indigenous Peoples. We promise to provide a culturally appropriate and safe workplace for all employees.