Asset Integrity

Explore means professional risk management and asset integrity specialists, dedicated to the task of implementing effective integrity management strategies.

Asset Inventory

  • SLMS Audit Support

  • Asset inventory

  • Licensing amendments

  • Pipeline data analysis

  • Asset mapping

  • Data mining

  • Company field hierarchy assignment to inventories

  • Cloud based file systems

  • Field verification

  • Acquisitions and divestitures support

  • License liability rating (LLR) review

Explore Pipeline Field Validation
  • Field Data Collection

    Explore can complete ROW, facility, and well site inspections while physically gathering data on all of your headers, risers, ESD’s, PSV’s, and all other pipeline devices while ground proofing licensing data.

  • Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Review

    An LLR Review includes a thorough assessment based on a carefully detailed scope of work with respect to the current costs to suspend, abandon, and decommission each facility.

  • Acquisitions and Divestitures

    Once the review phase is complete, we can assist in updating our clients’ current manuals and programs. If a client is starting from scratch, we can assist in building the Integrity Management Programs (IMP’s) to meet regulatory requirements and business goals.

Explore can provide

  • A customized PIMS for each client

  • Training for company management, engineering, operators, and inspectors

  • All required integrity programs completed and documented

Corporate Documentation

  • PIMS creation management

  • Procedure & program creation/management

  • SLMS gap analysis & system revisions

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Third party auditing & verification

Explore Pipeline Field Validation
  • Integrity Management Manual & Program Implementation

    We’re involved with industry groups and regulatory bodies to maintain a current knowledge of regulations and best practices. Our pipeline operations and maintenance manuals address regulatory requirements and match business processes of the pipeline licensee.

  • Procedures Development & Review

    Explore’s custom maintenance procedures for pipeline systems include procedures that are developed for the operational constraints of a specific system. They are done in accordance with applicable regulations.

Corporate Compliance

  • Pipeline Field Validation

    Explore conducts annual pipeline integrity management program field reviews which include prep and completion of line-by-line reviews. We also include detailed mitigation and monitoring analysis, along with reporting, to satisfy CSA Z662 Clause 9 & Clause 10. We use these reviews to create or update licensee system specific pipeline integrity management plans.

  • Pipeline integrity specialist support

  • Annual field line by line integrity management plan reviews

  • Desktop based risk assessments

  • Pigging program reviews

  • Cathodic protection program reviews

  • Corrosion coupon program development/review

  • Development/review of leak detection programs

  • Regulator applications, amendment, and support (AER, MER, OGC, CER)

  • Pipeline failure management/Investigation regulatory liaison

  • Professional engineering assessment support (APEGA, APEGS, EGBC)

Risk Management

  • In line inspection project management

    • AGM surveys
    • Tool tracking inspection data analysis
    • Surveying & making of dig site locations
    • On-site integrity dig verification support
  • Right of way management

  • Chemical vendor audits

  • Geohazards program management

  • Hydrotesting pipeline project management & data analysis

Explore Pipeline Field Validation

Full Life Cycle

  • Pipeline cleaning

  • Pipeline discontinuations and abandonments

  • Pipeline replacement strategy

  • Facility engineering liaison

  • Pipeline Integrity Management

    At Explore, our team can help you design and implement your pipeline integrity management strategy. We’ll ensure it complies with all requirements of CSA Z662 Annex N for pipeline Integrity Management Programs (PIMS), and CSA Z662 Annex A Pipeline Safety & Loss Management Systems. We have experienced Pipeline Integrity Specialists to work with your operations staff for all required field and office support related to your company’s Pipeline Integrity Management Program. This will be done on an ongoing basis or task specific project.

  • Pipeline Integrity Manual

    Developing a clear, sound, and comprehensive Pipeline Integrity Manual (PIM) that shows how you plan to support and maintain your pipeline system in accordance with provincial regulations and CSA Z662 is very important. We can work with you to develop a new PIM or revise an existing one.

  • Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) Plan Reviews

    Explore’s annual Pipeline Integrity Management Plan Review incorporates a risk assessment and provides our clients with detailed insight into the risk of each pipeline. We compile summaries that include the preparation and completion of line-by-line reviews in accordance with provincial regulators. Summaries also include detailed mitigation and monitoring analysis and reporting to satisfy CSA Z662 Clause 9 and Clause 10.

Explore Pipeline Field Validation
End-to-End Service with Data Review & Analysis Includes:
  • Pigging program

  • Chemical program design

  • Cathodic protection

  • Sampling & monitoring

  • Maintenance inspections & programs

  • Geohazards management

  • Regulatory non-compliance

  • Leak Detection Program

    Companies must have a mitigation strategy in case a release occurs. The appropriate leak detection program, composed of effective leak detection systems, is a part of successful mitigation. It is important that companies minimize the impact of releases on the public, environment, and infrastructure.

  • Pipeline Root Cause Analysis

    Most companies are now implementing root cause analysis into their failure investigation procedure. Root cause analysis seeks to identify the origin of a problem using a specific set of steps and tools. Explore can support you by conducting a root cause analysis on low-to-medium incidents or for major incidents. Improve your pipeline safety by conducting a root cause analysis on your next pipeline incident.

  • Engineering Assessments

    Our engineering group can perform engineering assessments in all areas of pipeline integrity management. Ranging from corrosion and degradation threat management, to geohazard assessment and remediation planning, pipeline engineering assessments are critical in the long-term management of pipeline infrastructure. Designed to serve as a tool as part of a company’s pipeline safety and loss management system, these assessments fulfill the requirement for a number of regulatory bodies in Canada including CSA Z662.

End-to-End Service with Data Review & Analysis Includes:
  • Fitness for service

  • Resumption

  • H2S Increase

  • Substance Change

  • MOP Increase

  • ILI Analysis

  • Geohazard Management

If you require a specific service not listed above, please contact us directly. We are willing to do everything we can to assist our clients.

Pipeline Safety & Loss Management System

Provincial and federal regulators require companies to develop and implement a Pipeline Safety and Loss Management System. This system involves a process to manage pipeline safety and loss control. It should be designed to effectively manage and reduce risk, as well as promote continual improvement.

Explore’s Pipeline Integrity Specialists are here to help licensees understand the requirements outlined in CSA Z662, Clause 3. If you currently have a management system in place, we can help assess your gaps to ensure continual improvement.

  • SLMS audit support

  • GAP analysis

  • Self assessment declaration

  • SLMS development

  • Discontinuation & Abandonment

    Explore’s wide range of support services for integrity management programs also includes turn-key services to decommission pipelines (Discontinue or Abandon). Our experienced crews can complete your landowner notification, perform any required lone locating work, purge and clean pipelines, and submit a regulatory license amendment once complete.
    We use an array of abandonment techniques ranging from zero ground disturbance solutions such as internal pipe and water jet cutters, to the more traditional methods such as excavation.

Explore Pipeline Field Validation

field to finish solutions

We have the industry knowledge and experience to initiate effective management strategies.

Dedicated to the task of implementing effective integrity management programs, Explore ensures high-quality results while minimizing project costs and completion times. Transparent and timely communications are to be expected from expert individuals committed to the success of your project.
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Asset Integrity

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