Explore’s team of dedicated professional engineers fully integrate with our surveying and project management teams to comprehend your specific needs and unlock your projects full potential through accurate, innovative and practical solutions.


Local & Remote Engineering

Our engineering division was created to serve as a tool to ensure your projects are designed to function efficiently and effectively with a well-implemented risk management strategy.



We utilize our internal capabilities and extensive network of consultants to form a high performing team of engineering professionals to execute transportation infrastructure projects, delivering roadway assets to private, municipal, and federal clients. Our project team will complete the following tasks as part of the consulting engineering process:

  • Detailed Topographic Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Drainage Surveys, Legal/Cadastral Surveys

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Utility Coordination

  • Wetland Assessments, and Environmental permitting

  • Hydrology and Hydrotechnical Assessments

  • Geometric Assessment, Intersection Analysis, Preliminary Design & Detailed Design of Roadways

  • Plan preparation, calculation of design quantities, detailed construction cost estimates, tender special provisions and specification amendments, and utility agreements

  • Tender preparation and Client Assistance in evaluation and selection of contractor

  • Project Management, Contract Administration, Construction Supervision and Site Inspections

  • Construction Quality Assurance including Survey and Materials Testing Measurements,

  • Post-Construction and Warranty Inspection, including Final details, record drawings, Warranty Inspections and Construction Completion Certificates


Geotechnical Site Investigations

Site investigations are used to determine many subsurface soil conditions for bridge and roadway projects or can help with pit planning operations


Quality Control and Materials Testing Services

During construction works, to ensure that a construction contractor is meeting the design specifications for the project. Material testing services may be provided which will include:

  • Site Inspections for geotechnical concerns

  • Site Inspections for geotechnical concerns

  • On-site density testing for backfill and compaction.

  • On-site concrete testing

  • On-site ACP testing and sampling for laboratory testing


Environmental Assessments, Applications and Reporting

There are many aspects which require a key understanding of the environmental impacts and regulations prior to design or construction. The key services that we are able to provide would include:

  • Completion of Environmental Impact Assessments such as wetland (QWSP), fisheries (QAES), wildlife, topsoil, vegetation, or noxious weed assessments.

  • Assist with the completion of various environmental regulatory applications for approval/authorizations that includes Fisheries Act Approvals or Water Act Approvals

  • Pre and post construction disturbance monitoring, reclamation certification.

  • Assist in preparation of applications for gravel pits.

  • Preparation with the writing of Environmental Construction Operation Plans (ECO) for County constructed projects and assist in reviewing ECO Plans for contracted projects.

  • As required can advise and complete onsite monitoring for all aspects of construction projects including reclamation monitoring.

  • Historical Resource Overview.

Bridge Engineering Services

  • BIM Inspections

    Scheduled Level 1 Bridge Information Management (BIM) inspections and specialized Level 2 bridge and culvert inspections would be provided. Level 2 inspections could include detailed girder inspection, timber coring inspections, culvert barrel inspections.

  • Emergency Bridge Inspections

    High flow events or traffic impact related events occur on bridge structures and it is important to quickly ascertain the impacts of these events on bridge, culvert, or drainage infrastructure.

  • Bridge and Culvert Assessments

    Assessments on bridges, culverts are required to help determine various maintenance options available to maximize structures service life as well as different replacement options and provide the most cost-effective replacement alternative minimize disruption to the travelling public.

  • Bridge Repairs and Tendering

    Where bridge maintenance is required, our team can coordinate any detailed design, contract tendering, and construction inspection services required to complete these repairs.

  • Stormwater Modelling and Management

    We will be able to model a variety of rural and urban stormwater management, redirection, and retention systems. Furthermore, we are also able to complete rehabilitation and upgrades to existing drainage systems, preparing them for changes in land use, resiliency for a changing climate, while ensuring erosion and sediment control remain a top priority.