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Explore means professional risk management and asset integrity specialists, dedicated to the task of implementing effective integrity management strategies.

Thorough Risk Evaluation

At Explore, we recognize the importance of thoroughly evaluating risk

At Explore, we recognize the importance of thoroughly evaluating risk on your pipeline inventory in a clear and concise manner with a methodical yet straightforward assessment strategy. In addition, we have the industry knowledge and experience to design and initiate programs that effectively manage pipeline risk in order to demonstrate compliance to industry regulations while proactively taking steps to prevent pipeline failures. Our field base crews are in place across Western Canada ready to execute integrity management solutions.

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With a strong operations and integrity background, we stand ready to support the implementation of your pipeline operations and maintenance program.

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maintenance program. Explore has a variety of services available including:
  • Depth of cover inspections on pipeline water crossings. Full profiles, site re-visits, visual inspection.
  • Pipeline Right-Of-Way Inspections.
  • Pipeline failure investigation, and full AER response.
  • Full mitigation & compliance reviews for production fields and pipelines. (Including chemical optimization)
  • Pipeline replacement plan strategy.
  • Integrity budgeting.
  • Pipeline pressure testing support.
  • Pipeline sign formation and placement
  • Integrity management program (IMP) manual and performance reviews as per CSA Z662-15 Annex N.
  • 3rd party pipeline audits –Full compliance-Task listings, AER, ECON, NEB, OGC.
  • Full PEIM Program
  • Boiler, pressure vessel, and tank integrity assessment.
  • Pressure piping system inspection.
  • Quick closure sender/receiver inspection.
  • Chemical Program Design, implementation and optimization.
  • In line inspection support. Set up surveys for tool runs, tool tracking, dig sites, repairs and engineering assessments.
  • Line Locating & Ground Disturbance
  • Risk based management of pipeline inventory and field validation and connectivity.  (Web-enabled Internal and consequence based risk assessments.
  • Over the line coating surveys.(ACVG, DCVG, CIS)
  • Saskatchewan pipeline inventory management.
  • Mapping, Shapefiles, PL-100 data, and publishing pipeline data to public and private databases.
  • Pipeline decommissioning abandonments and discontinuations.
  • Aerial Drone (UAV) scouting, video and photography.
  • Pigging Program Design and implementation.
  • Pipeline reactivations.
  • Ground disturbance packages.
  • AER - ECON License amendments & applications
  • AER Digital Data Submissions (DDS)

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    field to finish solutions

    Explore is a professional land surveying firm incorporated in 2008.

    We offer complete "field to finish" solutions for our clients - from data collection to technology, integrity, and customer service ensures high-quality results while minimizing your project costs and completion times. You can expect transparent and timely communications from expert individuals commited to the success of your project.
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    Bob Prieston,

    Manager, Asset Integrity

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    John McIver
    Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer
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    Michele Mielnik
    Pipeline Integrity Specialist
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    Bruce Corrigal
    Pipeline Integrity Specialist
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    Aris Argyriou
    Pipeline Integrity Specialist
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    Katie Welter, E.I.T
    Junior Pipeline Integrity Engineer
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