Why We Are Professionals


In my experience, only people who have needed a Land Surveyor have some idea of what a Land Surveyor does. Typically, when chatting with people outside of my profession, and even my good friends or family, exactly what I do is a mystery.

When articling, I had to understand why an Alberta Land Surveyor could call themselves a professional. Professional seems to be a word thrown into every marketing campaign as nobody wants to be only “above average”. The true professionals are typically content working in their field of expertise going unseen. Its our humble nature to stay out of the headlines, as this typically brings on controversy, and we don’t have time to spend on news articles when there is work to be done.

Since I already lost the majority of the public when I talk about Land Surveying to distinguish “professional” from “technician”, I will use simple wise words taught to me in my articling days. “would you use the cheapest or fastest or flashiest doctor to provide your health advice?” I doubt it, as we know health is far too important to leave with non-professionals.

Your health is important, nobody will disagree about that. What is healthy, or how to maintain or improve your health has a vast array of opinion. With the mass amount of information (and misinformation) in our world, companies trying to sell their products, the best resource would be to talk a professional like a doctor or pharmacist. They have years of training, ability to research and verify claims from industry to forms their own personal and professional opinions. Not all professionals have the same opinions, however. Their stance is based on evidence presented to them and backed by experience in their practice.

Did you know there are only about 457 active land surveyors in Alberta, & only 1020 since 1910?
Alberta Engineers have over 48,000 practicing members.

As an Alberta Land Surveyor, we have years of experience, in both theory and practice. Additionally, we have legislated practice review, which confirms each active Alberta Land Surveyor has maintained their standards, continued learning, association involvement, and ethics as if it was their qualifying exam every three years. If three years was not enough to prove your worthiness to continue to practice land surveying, the association investigates all complaint calls from the general public and/or fellow members. The Alberta Land Surveyors Association has the power to self-regulate its members, as the hardest judge of unprofessional conduct or unskilled practice comes from your peers and your direct competition.

An Alberta Land Surveyor shall serve society, his clientele, and his profession with the ultimate objective of contributing to the knowledge of land, to the better management of land, and to the preservation of peaceful and lawful enjoyment of land.

It may seem unfair to cast judgement on your competitor in a quasi judicial review, however as an Alberta Land Surveyor, our oath sworn before a Justice of the Peace states the public must be protected.

Land Surveyors are a highly engage group of professionals, attending meetings and advocating our future role in society. A true professional you can trust for an honest opinion. An opinion that can be relied upon in court, if needed. A true professional is an Alberta Land Surveyor.

Explore is proud of our Alberta Land Surveyors. Over 90 years of combined experience, Explore can tackle any land survey with expertise and trust. Explore’s Land Surveyors are talented, energetic, engaged and respected individuals ready to assist you in your projects through-out Alberta.