TapRoot® Root Cause Analysis

Explore is happy to announce that our Pipeline Integrity Specialist, Michele Mielnik has received her certification and has successfully completed the “TapRoot® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training”.

With Michele’s knowledge, qualifications and experience Explore is now offering the following Root Cause Analysis services:

  • TapRoot® Root Cause Analysis for Major Investigations;

  • TapRoot® Root Cause Analysis for Low-to-Medium Incidents.

The TapRoot® system provides people the science to find and fix the causes of human error and equipment failure – whether it is reactively stopping low to medium risk incidents or investigating major accidents; or proactively improving performance by using the TapRoot® Techniques to find and fix a problem’s root causes before an accident occurs.

Learn more about how the TapRoot® system can help your business - give us a call to complete your next Root Cause Analysis!

1-866-936-1805 or give Michele a call directly at (587) 842-5065.