Sonar Bathymetric Surveys

In addition to standard water crossing assessments, and especially in cases of high consequence and/or high-risk water crossings, Explore offers Sonar Bathymetric Surveys.

Sonar Survey


Make the best possible decisions with Explore’s Sonar Bathymetric Survey services

Explore conducts these Sonar Bathymetric Survey’s with our specialized equipment.

The Bathymetric Survey Data enhances the operators understanding of the contours of the water body being crossed by the pipeline and then in conjunction with the hydrotechnical assessment is used to understand the deposition and removal of the water body. From here, decisions on Re-Bores or Remediation can be better determined when managing a non-compliant crossing with a low depth of coverage, and for the estimation of the remaining life on that existing crossing.

Simply put, Sonar Bathymetric Surveys help make the best possible decisions when managing High-Consequence and High-Risk crossings. Pricing details upon request.


Explore Sonar Equipment

  • Dual frequency sounders are an industry leader in shallow water operation (from as little as 0.2m/0.6’) to give maximum coverage for inland and coastal survey areas.

  • Full automatic or manual sounder control allows for reliable performance in most marine environments. Capable of recording a high resolution (3200 spp) full water column acoustic envelope for accurate post processing analysis.

  • Optional wireless connectivity makes it easy to link with external hardware, including: Tablet PC, PDA and Notebook PC.

  • A removable waterproof USB memory stick connects to the unit making it simple to log real time data and then transfer logged survey data to a PC. All data is internally PPS time stamped when pulse is supplied.

  • Our professional grade equipment has been engineered for use in vessels big or small.

  • Easily interfaced with GNSS, motion sensor and/or tide gauge for a complete data solution.

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