Implementing Effective Integrity Management


As a professional risk management and asset integrity organization, Explore is dedicated to the task of implementing effective integrity management programs.  One aspect of this program is to deliver concise and comprehensive risk assessments and field line by line reviews of pipelines in order to meet the needs of our clients and satisfy the requirements of CSA Z662 and AER Pipeline Rule 54.

Annual field line by line reviews are a requirement according to the AER Pipeline Rule 54 which states:

Annual evaluation for internal corrosion mitigation

54 (1) Unless otherwise authorized by the Regulator, a licensee shall conduct and document an evaluation of any operating or discontinued metallic pipelines in a pipeline system to determine the necessity for, and the suitability of, internal corrosion mitigation procedures

(a) annually,

(b) prior to the commencement of operation of a new pipeline, and

(c) prior to the resumption of operation of a discontinued or abandoned pipeline.

(2) The evaluation for internal corrosion mitigation shall include, as necessary, an evaluation of production records, operating experience, monitoring data and inspection data.

Do you need to meet this requirement or other requirements related to your pipeline assets?

Explore will apply risk assessment data to field level line by line reviews to then advise on recommendations that utilize the risk assessment data to apply to your pipeline integrity management plan on risk management strategies for your pipelines.

What does this look like?

Explore is able to customize the level of support to fit all business needs. This may require working from scratch to create an Excel based risk assessment to appropriately represent your assets how you see fit. We also work with existing risk assessment tools such as the Converge program from GDM. These user friendly, google earth, cloud-based database products enable oil and gas operators to control and generate asset risk data that is customizable in size and complexity.

Explore’s extensive Field ReviewUsing your chosen risk assessment data Explore can solve your risk management needs with a methodical yet straight forward assessment strategy that pinpoints lines requiring key focus with respect to mitigation, monitoring, licensing, and regulatory compliance.

With an extensive background in mitigation and monitoring programs, Explore provides its expertise in all oil and gas applications.  Working with chemical vendors, pigging suppliers, coupon vendors and other support groups, our multi-disciplined team can ensure the most cost-effective mitigation strategy is employed on your pipeline system as well as a thorough assessment of the data.

Additionally, Explore understands the value of clearly identifying regulatory deficiencies and proactively addressing regulatory challenges; particularly manually compiling and validating the complex data and information from multiple public and private data sets.  This process can be confusing, time-consuming and prone to error for even the most well-organized licensees.  Depending on the solution selected for you, Explore and its partners and clients have access to a variety of tools, automated processes, cross-references, experts, and reports to quickly and easily flag inaccuracies, highlight exceptions and reveal flawed data.

Explore’s extensive Field Review process considers many different elements in the collection of information from the many aspects in an integrity program. Some of these include:

  • Pipeline Specifications such as substance, status, diameter, material etc.;

  • Operating Data such as operating pressures, H2S values, production etc.;

  • Corrosion Mitigation/Monitoring/Leak Detection such as pigging, chemical, and coupons etc.;

  • Field Inspection Records such as ROW Inspections, presco checks, and ESD calibrations etc.;

Field reviews pull this information together with the Risk Assessment Results to provide both unmitigated and mitigated risk assessment results.

Explore’s pipeline integrity personal based in Saskatchewan and Alberta are able to work with you to set up meetings with your operations and field-based staff to collect the required information in the most convenient manner right from the source. We are also able to manage pipeline assets in remote areas where access is not always available utilizing screen sharing technology.

Explore is able to support clients from start to finish and annually thereafter to meet the regulatory requirements associated with risk assessments and field reviews. If you think you could use some support in these areas or if you or just need help getting a handle on your pipeline systems, Explore can help you out!

Katie Welter, EIT

Junior Pipeline Integrity Engineer