gX Insight – The Industry’s First Complete Pipeline Integrity Solution


GDM Pipelines and Explore Integrity Launch gX Insight, the Industry’s First Complete Pipeline Integrity Solution.

New solution offers customers seamless integration of integrity data and field inspections.

CALGARY, AB, October 4, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - GDM Pipelines (“GDM”), the leader in midstream information management solutions, and Explore Integrity (“Explore”), the premier pipeline risk management and integrity specialists, have joined forces to launch gX Insight, the oil and gas industry’s first and only complete pipeline integrity solution to incorporate the planning, execution and data collection for in-field integrity programs with comprehensive information management and data analytics software.

gX Insight combines Explore Integrity’s professional risk management, compliance, and pipeline integrity expertise with GDM’s Converge™ asset intelligence software and 20+ years of experience managing, conditioning and maintaining pipeline and facility data. This fully integrated solution lets users plan, execute, store, maintain and analyze pipeline integrity programs through a single point of access.

“This new solution offers major innovation in pipeline integrity management,” said Corey Simard, Managing Director at Explore Integrity. “It solves the number one problem that we hear from our clients…managing pipeline integrity programs is complicated, expensive and fraught with errors.”

One of the main issues is lack of access to critical information required to make effective decisions. Details about operating assets are stored separately from historical inspection data. Information collected in the field may be lost or stored inefficiently, making it difficult or impossible to use as the basis for developing and refining future integrity programs. This lack of integration is leading to inefficient program execution and use of resources, unnecessary re-work, and additional expenses at a time when companies are trying to do more with less.

“Integrity management solutions today are highly fragmented”, said Brian Hall, President of GDM Pipelines. “Until now, there has been no complete solution that brings together information and execution. Not only does gX Insight guide you where to focus your budget and resources, but it also includes the seamless execution of the program in the field, and the incorporation of the results to develop and refine future programs. To the end user, this integration is straightforward and effortless.”

One of the key areas of focus for the solution is creating a holistic approach to pipeline water crossing management based on best practices learned from Explore’s experience inspecting over 17,000 water crossings and counting within western Canada. Using Converge, clients get an accurate overview of the state of their pipelines and the associated water crossings. Explore’s integrity professionals then use this information in consultation with the client to create an effective crossing program, taking into consideration the company’s budget and available resources. After Explore has completed the in-field inspections, the data is incorporated into Converge for viewing, analysis and use in future program development. It also includes targeted, proactive notifications of high water events so users can re-allocate resources as needed to mitigate associated risk.

“gX Insight is designed to incorporate every aspect of a company’s pipeline integrity management”, said Simard. “In addition to crossings, it also includes processes for identifying and registering Saskatchewan flow lines, strategies for pipeline replacement planning, and overall risk assessment and mitigation plan creation. And, this is really just the beginning.”

“What we expect to see is a transformation in how companies approach integrity management”, added Hall. “As leaders in our respective fields, we have the expertise and resources to continue to bring forward leading-edge solutions to a segment of the industry which is ready to embrace innovation.”

About GDM Pipelines

GDM Pipelines is the industry leader in providing comprehensive pipeline, facility, midstream and transportation information to the North American Oil and Gas Industry. Based in Calgary

Alberta and in operation since 1997, GDM offers a broad range of information and services and is the only source for accurate and complete Canadian infrastructure information. For more information on GDM, please visit www.gdmpipelines.com

About Explore Integrity

Incorporated in April of 2008, Explore is a professional Asset integrity and Land Surveying firm that provides services related to all aspects of the Oil & Gas industry. Explore was started at the onset of the recession and in spite of that fact, we have not only survived, but thrived. Our integrity division builds on the success of our well established, full scale land surveying division. This segment of our company is an industry leader in delivering full scale surveying services including superior depth of cover pipeline inspections to the oil and gas industry. For more information on Explore Integrity, please visit www.exploresurveys.com.

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