Right-of-Way Monitoring

Providing all encompassing, “Right-of-Way” asset management programs to mitigate risk and monitor the effects of environmental elements such as temperature fluctuations, rain, ground-water levels and settlement on the integrity of an asset.


Asset Right-of-Way Monitoring Program


Utilizing automated technologies to collect data about an asset and its surrounding environment, Explore provides our clients with strategic solutions to asset management. Combining our field data capturing programs with “smart” sensor technologies, we are able to link all geospatial data within a right-of-way with accurate pipeline integrity information. We provide our clients with enhanced, accurate and cost-effective manuals and programs for their high value assets.

Our program includes:

  • Review and analysis of “filed” Depth of Cover and Water Crossing Data

  • Right-of-Way and Slope Deformation Monitoring

  • Geospatial Data Capture Right-of-Way

  • Right-of-Way Integrity Plan

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