Digital Twinning

Combining our in-house expertise with our advanced technology, we utilize digital twinning to provide optimized asset execution, maintenance and management.


Manage your Assets, Without Disruption

  • Digital twinning is the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform.

  • This data-driven and disruption-free approach enables Explore to effectively transform the full life cycle of your project and provide streamlined processes, optimized solutions and enhanced customer service. By creating accurate, up-to-date digital copies of your assets with real time data, we are able to improve operational efficiency and manage risks before they occur.

  • At Explore, we utilize the power of digital twinning to combine all of your field asset data into a single post-processing program. Our specialized drafters convert this data into precise, interactive, 3D models for our clients immediate and long-term use. Pairing the above and below ground metadata of your asset with our field to finish solutions, we actively monitor construction across all phases of your project lifecycle, saving you both time and money.

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