Civil Infrastructure

Combining integrated solutions with geospatial data collection and management, Explore ensures all phases of your infrastructure project are successful.


Geomatics Support Opportunity


Having an accurate geospatial base of information for any capital infrastructure project enables asset developers to plan, budget and execute more efficiently. Explore’s geomatic support provides developers with real-time geospatial data to effectively and accurately record construction progress. This data enhances project execution by increasing quality control, verifying and validating individual tender bid item quantities, and providing monthly progress invoicing and final detail reporting.

At Explore, our team of experts are available to intimately engage with and provide personalized solutions for the pre-construction, construction execution and post-construction phases of your infrastructure projects. Our experience and expertise includes:

  • Civil construction inspection and management

  • Geomatics scope project management

  • Ground Disturbance project management and underground utility line locating

  • Cadastral fabric determination and evaluation

  • Advanced civil and structural design drawing (IFC/Shop drawings) interpretation

  • Field Construction Survey execution

  • Quality Control Survey support (Field and CAD drafting capabilities)

  • Project Construction Monitoring

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