Construction Survey Services

Explore provides specialized people and equipment ensuring error-free layout and as-built surveys with minimal footprint on your schedule.
Construction Layout
Industrial Surveys



Explore offers top of the line, specialized construction services to keep your project on schedule

We offer drafting and planning assistance and survey crews for commercial and industrial infrastructure projects throughout Western Canada.

  • Our technologists are experienced on construction sites. They are familiar with safe work practices and with surveying methods that do not interrupt or interfere with construction tasks.

  • Robotic total stations permit surveying with speed and accuracy that cannot be attained with conventional surveying equipment. The instrument does not need to be set up in a pre-determined survey point. Instead, the instrument can be put in any place that does not interfere with other subcontractors. Layout can begin within 2 minutes of setup.

  • GPS equipment requires only a few minutes to set up. Layout for site grading, sidewalks, curb, and even piles can be performed without interfering with other workers.



Volumetric surveys are performed for several logical reasons. Explore has participated in a variety of volumetric surveys such as obtaining the volume of material stockpiles; determining an amount of required fill for large scale dig outs such as quarries or burrow pits; and quantifying change-over-time volume for instances of determining the amount of material removed in comparison to a prior survey. We utilize the most efficient tools for the job which can include but is not limited to; GPS, 3D scanners or aerial drones.

Construction Layout

With client specifications in mind, we gather the field data necessary for proper topographic, subsurface and architectural design. Explore can provide our clients with quarry, borrow pits and stock pile volumes. This is completed by utilizing UAV and 3D scanning providing you with high resolution and minimizing errors.

Industrial Surveys

Our professional crews will assist at all stages of industrial infrastructure development projects, from:

  • Control network establishment and tying industrial local site coordinates to cadastral boundaries and provincial survey control network
  • Underground facility line locating, utility coordination and ground disturbance project management
  • pile layout, pile as-builts, pile cut-offs, pile cap alignments, layout and as-built of anchor bolts, alignment of precision machinery,
  • 3-d scanning and construction progress UAV survey monitoring

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field to finish solutions

Explore is a professional land surveying firm incorporated in 2008.

We offer complete "field to finish" solutions for our clients - from data collection to technology, integrity, and customer service ensures high-quality results while minimizing your project costs and completion times. You can expect transparent and timely communications from expert individuals commited to the success of your project.
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