Bathymetric Survey

Through the use of Bathymetric Survey’s, Explore’s clients have an in-depth analysis of what lies beneath the water’s surface to effectively and efficiently manage their projects with minimal risk.


Bathymetric Survey


Make the best possible decisions with Explore’s Bathymetric Survey services.

Explore conducts these Bathymetric Survey's with our specialized equipment.

Bathymetric Survey’s allow us to measure the depth of a water body as well as map it’s underwater features. At Explore, we utilize this detailed hydrographic survey data to analyze and support a variety of applications such as water crossings, marine construction, environmental monitoring and integrity programs. Placing quality at the forefront, our multi-disciplinary experts and industry leading technology carry out dual frequency, single beam bathymetry to provide accurate sub-bottom profiling solutions.

Our technology has been engineered for use in large or small vessels and is capable of recording high resolution, full water column acoustic envelopes. Equipped with a removeable waterproof USB memory stick, we provide real time data with precise 3D and 4D post-processing analysis.


We utilize Bathymetric Surveys for

  • Flood Inundation Studies

  • Water Crossing Management

  • Scour Analysis

  • Bridge Pier Construction Surveys

  • Reservoir & Pond Storage Analysis

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