From Information to Insight – Pipeline Data Management

GDM Pipelines & Explore Inc – Pipeline Data Management

Explore Inc is proudly working with GDM Pipelines to demonstrate our approach to managing your pipeline crossings and would love to invite you to join us for an upcoming event. Please read the press release below from GDM.

On October 24, GDM Pipelines will be hosting a showcase of innovative technologies that are transforming pipeline data management, and we’d love for you to join us!

Here’s what you can expect…
As we enter 2020, oil and gas companies are continuing to look for ways to streamline operations. More and more, this includes strategies to leverage data to its full potential, ultimately creating efficiencies across the entire organization. From in-field data collection, to storing and maintaining information, to analytics for identifying risk and performance issues, the better and more complete the data, the more effectively you can manage your assets.

GDM Pipelines is pleased to bring together and showcase five innovative solutions that are transforming the way pipeline operators approach data management and analytics. Join us for this informative session where you will learn about some of the newest technologies for oil and gas companies to collect, manage and analyze critical operational data.

This no-cost, half day event will include presentations highlighting innovative solutions, information kiosks to ask questions and gain first-hand knowledge of the featured technologies, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Featured solutions include: 

  • GDM Pipelines– GDM’s Converge software is changing the way companies approach pipeline integrity management. With on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada and new tools to create and manage asset connectivity, this solution offers a streamlined approach to calculating and maintaining risk profiles across your entire pipeline inventory.
  • Explore Inc. – Having completed close to 20,000 pipeline water crossing inspections, Explore is unsurpassed when it comes to understanding pipeline crossing management. Learn more about their unique approach and how they apply innovative technologies and data collection techniques to create efficient and effective pipeline crossing programs.
  • Ingu Solutions– Ingu Solutions’ Pipers® are an affordable and easy-to-deploy screening tool that identify risks and performance issues in pipelines. They fit in every diameter and condition of pipeline, and are especially suitable for pipelines that are difficult to inspect. They detect and locate leaks, geometric defects, magnetic features, and deposits in all pipelines — with no interruption of service.
  • Lux Modus– Lux Modus’s advanced mobile LIDAR and imagery is used to create a Digital Twin of the pipeline Right of Way during construction. By rapidly processing this data, Lux Modus provides constructors with visibility into construction and the Digital Twin provides Traceable, Verifiable and Complete as-built information for the pipeline.
  • EZOPS– EZOPS was built by operators for operators to ensure a central location for data collection for every task, inspection, calibration and on-site reading. Its online and offline capabilities mean operators and frontline workers always have access to the most up-to-date data so they can make meaningful decisions in the field without the need to navigate multiple software applications.