Explore’s services are designed to create value and exceed expectations while respecting health, safety, quality and social responsibility. Our mission is to be an industry leading brand in the markets and business sectors in which we operate, known for our motivated employees, our innovative solutions and our people-first approach.


Health & Safety

Explore’s Health and Safety Management System ensures all employees are actively engaged in our goal of achieving a culture where safe production is considered the only way to operate.

From management through to field personnel, we take a proactive and collaborative approach to the continual development and management of our OH&S systems. Our inclusive environment enables all of our employees to assist in shaping and evolving our programs to create an incident free workplace.

At Explore, it is the responsibility of all employees and contractors to regard safety as a priority by adhering to our policies, procedures, rules, incident reporting and training requirements. Our management team provides the leadership, resources and direction to ensure employees are trained and competent to perform the tasks assigned to them. Our supervisors use safe work practices and provide comprehensive reporting on all incidents. It is our firm belief that every hazard is controllable and given the proper tools and mindset, we can succeed in making Explore a safe and rewarding place to work.

Indigenous Inclusion

Cultivating a rich, diverse and inclusive culture is and will continue to be a companywide Explore commitment. Our vision is to create a full circle impact for the people and communities in which we operate. As a dedicated partner on numerous development projects throughout traditional Indigenous territories, we have reinvested back into their communities through employment, infrastructure and new business opportunities. We make it our priority to invest the time and effort required to build trust with Indigenous people and their communities


At Explore, we want to build a strong future for all of us. We understand that every Indigenous community is unique, and we want to invest the time to thoroughly understand what your values are to build a strong, long-term partnership. We respect the legal rights of Canada’s Indigenous communities, along with their cultural traditions, economies, beliefs, knowledge and use of lands and resources.

  • Investment

Our most valuable investment into Indigenous communities is time. We take the time to train local hires with the intention to bring them on as full time staff. We take the time to communicate effectively and transparently, and always listen carefully to make sure no voice goes unheard.
Whether it’s providing industry training, or participating in community events, Explore wants to be there every step of the way.

  • Opportunity

Explore recognizes the unmatched value of a local work force and preference is always given to employ locally when given the opportunity. We aim to support the growth and strengthen the communities in which we work by providing training opportunities and local incentives.

  • Involvement

We strive to leave a positive impact on the communities in which we work with, and it is very important to us that our clients have all of the information to form and shape their decision-making process. We encourage all parties to engage and participate at any level, on any project. Every community’s wants and needs are unique, and we strive to collaborate effectively to exceed expectations.

  • Value

The value we bring is more than just the completion of a project. At Explore we want to have a positive impact on every community we engage with.

  • Truth and Reconciliation

Explore’s Leadership Team has been conducive in educating and providing guidance to staff on the importance of rebuilding Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples. As outlined in the mandate for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, our team of professionals recognize that reconciliation is an ongoing individual and collective process that requires commitment from all Canadians. We strive to reconcile through building business relationships with First Nations and Metis Communities in the areas in which we operate, as well as offer training, mentorship, and employment opportunities for those who identify as Indigenous Peoples. Our promise is to provide a culturally appropriate and safe workplace for all employees.

We carry our motto of “Behind every Explore experience is trust” to our Health and Safety development through:

  • TIME

    By adhering to proven safe work procedures and practices, we deliver safe and on-time project execution


    Explore respects every individual’s right to a healthy and safe work environment, where they can grow, learn, thrive and safely return to those waiting for them at home


    Our teams take the time to fully understand each project’s unique scope, identifying the associated risks and developing mitigation strategies to foster a safe work environment for all.


    Specialized safety training, procedures and policies complement and are an integral part of the expertise and knowledge at Explore. (ie: Swift Water Rescue)

  • TEAM

    Every Explore employee is accountable for the health and safety of themselves and of each other. We watch out, care for and intervene in any situation that places an individual in harms way.



Just like health and safety, rigorous attention to quality is embedded into our core culture. For Explore, client satisfaction and enhancing your investment is our top priority. Our attention to detail combined with commitment to delivering projects of the highest quality have enabled our growth into the multi-disciplinary, industry leading corporation we are today. With an understanding that every dollar you spend needs to be maximized, we take the comprehensive approach to protect your investment and deliver beyond your expectations.



Explore is proud to be a member of / or in partnership with the below organizations

explore partnerships Energy Safety Canada
explore partnerships ecompliance
explore partnerships SCS
explore partnerships in injury reduction
explore partnerships COR
explore alberta association for safety partnerships
explore partnerships complyworks
explore partnerships Avetta



At Explore, we know that the choices we make are not just for today and not just for ourselves. As part of our daily routine, we incorporate best-in-class strategies to eliminate our environmental impact and support sustainability for future generations. With business is centered around land and water, it is up to every Explore employee work responsibly and protect the environment.

Through effective communication and coordination with clients and their representatives’, we ensure mutual environmental goals are established and achieved. Structuring each project with environmental considerations in mind from its inception onward, we are committed maintaining the following guidelines:

  • Ensure legislated compatibility.

  • Minimize our carbon footprint through GPS monitoring of fleet engine idle times and enforcing an “engine off” policy whenever possible.

  • Minimize disturbance by following the “one track in, one track out” strategy when using ATV’s; (OHV’s).

  • Use rechargeable batteries in electronic equipment whenever possible and ensure the proper storage and disposal of all batteries.

  • Ensure that all waste brought into a site is brought out.

  • Whenever practical, recycle all waste and ensure it is handled and stored appropriately until it can be removed from a site and deposed of or recycled.

  • Assess the hazards and implement appropriate controls to protect workers when handling waste, including but not limited to the use of PPE.

  • Hold every worker and contractor accountable for managing site waste and reducing their impact or risk to the environment.

  • Report situations extreme in environmental impact.

  • Avoid contact with wildlife.

  • Strive to maintain a “paperless office” through the use of digital technology.