3D Scanning Services

A truly unique technology, Scanning Total Stations is a cutting-edge solution for surveying, engineering, and scanning professionals.


Explore Inc. is proud to utilize the newest of scanners into our practices and are thrilled to pass on the time and cost-savings to our clients that this new scanning technology has to offer.

By utilizing this 3D Scanning technology, Explore has the ability to capture and store up 26,600 points per second, allowing us to gather the data you need in a flash. This modern feat of technology is revolutionizing how we look at conducting our Topographic, Volumetric, Civil and Scanning services.

Features of our 3D Scanning Total Stations:

  • Combines surveying, imaging and high speed 3D scanning in one revolutionary solution.

  • High accuracy technology provides scanning range up to 600m and the smallest spot size in the industry—a mere 14mm at 100m.

  • Utilizes scanning technology to scan up to 26,600 points per second captures a full dome scan in as little as 12 minutes.

  • Allows for fast and easy capture of high resolution site imagery.

Applications of 3D Scanning Total Stations:

  • Topographic Survey/General Surveys (Boundary/Land Title Surveys)

  • Roadway/Corridor Surveys (Roadway design and Topo)

  • Volumetric Surveys (Stockpile volumes)

  • Infrastructure Surveys (Civil Infrastructure As-Builts)

  • Building As-Built and Design Surveys

  • Utility Design Survey

  • Mine/Quarry Survey

  • Dimensional Control

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